"The Cost of Being a Sex-Trafficked Child"

Episode 2 in Gracehaven's "No Child For Sale" webinar series

For those who have been trafficked but have been blessed to escape, survival comes at even more costs. For example, if the youth receives lifelong treatment for adverse childhood experiences the bill comes in on average at $803,928.

This is a real cost to society on top of the enormous toll taken on the family and the victim.  

In this webinar we will hear from Bernice Smoot, Founder and President of Saint Wall Street. An innovator of the Program Return on Investment methodology, she has helped nonprofits and social services around the country show the true impact of the services they provide to the communities they serve.

She will be supported by Dr. Herbert Baum, Ph.D, a statistician and evaluator with more than 40 years experience in performance management and measurement.

Bernice will take a rational look at the hard financial costs for a family and a community of a child being trafficked. This type of analysis is critical to understand if we are to marshal resources proactively to combat the problem.

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