Volunteer Stories

Chris Schumacher

Chris and his wife, Tara, became involved with the fight against human trafficking about nine years ago. They volunteer nationally and internationally for several different organizations. We are so grateful that Chris has made time to help our girls at Gracehaven. Chris has helped tutor our girls for the past several months which has helped them gain momentum in their school studies. He has also offered to help Gracehaven pay for monthly field trips for our girls. Chris is also working on re-decorating our school room to make it more contemporary and a more appealling work- study environment. We could not be more grateful for all the time and donations that Chris and Tara have given to Gracehaven.


Elayna and Brian Stierhoff

A great big thanks to Elayna and Brian who have worked diligently with the girls to make our dreams of a thriving vegetable garden come true. The girls worked alongside them as they weeded, planted and cared for the plants. Now, the girls take great pride in caring for the garden and watch the vegetables grow to maturity. And in the evenings the girls go to the garden to pick their vegetables for dinner -- and are eating  healthier meals as a result! "Thanks for this opportunity to serve," Elayna wrote to our staff. "We are blessed to be able to help out the girls and really enjoyed working with them."