“I Know There Is a God out There”

Posted on by Gracehaven

“Beverly” came into our care at 17 years old as an emergency placement. She was actively being trafficked by her “boyfriend” who depended on her to buy and sell his drugs. He made her tattoo the word “Queen” on her body while he had one that said “King.”

Beverly comes from a family of drug addicts and gang members. Everywhere she turned someone wanted something from her. So she didn’t understand sex trafficking when she came to the house, and definitely didn’t identify with being a victim.

Not long after living at the house Beverly came out of her shell to reveal her BIG personality. She created friendships almost immediately with everyone. She became the leader of the house and corrected other residents when they were in the wrong. She even supported the staff when they enforced the rules (not always a popular thing in the house). 

Beverly struggled with her spirituality. She prayed often for God to help her mom get off of drugs but never saw these prayers answered. We helped her see that we all have free will and that people have to be willing to change for themselves. After a conversation with a staff member, she decided to accept Christ into her heart. And as a result, she started seeing God show up more and more in her life. She began sending her mother Christian songs to listen to, Bible verses to read, and eventually a Bible. She said, “I know there is a God out there, because when I was on the streets I could feel His presence protecting me.”

Beverly just turned 18 and graduated from the Gracehaven program. We look forward to watching Beverly blossom as she embraces the next phase of her life.

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