“People Who Have Been There With Me No Matter What”

Posted on by Gracehaven

"Jane" was trafficked at 15 which resulted in her bearing a child. Jane’s raging anger manifested itself in episodes of explosive language and violence, actions that consistently caused her to incur new charges in juvenile court. Over the course of two years, she began opening up more about her trauma - years of sexual and physical abuse compounded with trafficking and rapes. She'd never had anyone to support her, not even her mother who told her it was her fault she had been exploited. As Jane began to understand that Gracehaven was there to support her unconditionally, we watched her change, slowly but surely. Jane, who was so resistant two years ago, calls her case manager throughout the week just to chat. This girl, who was known for crimes like robbery and assault, has not committed any sort of crime in nearly two years. This young woman, who had absolutely no foresight, has managed to secure her very own apartment at the tender age of 18. And this week we get to attend Jane’s housewarming party. She asked everyone from Gracehaven to attend, even those she hadn't met, because she wanted to "celebrate with the people who have been there for me no matter what."

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