Let's give life back to survivors of child sex trafficking!

In 2018, we opened our new 24-bed campus located on five acres of land within Columbus’ city limits. This campus has six residential cottages and a small ranch home used for educational and counseling space. Each cottage has four bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen/dining room and two common areas. In this configuration, each young victim has her own bedroom and bathroom which is needed with this traumatized population.  The girls feel safe, have critical personal space but also experience a “family” environment and healthy community within each cottage.

When we purchased this campus, we were only able to renovate two of the six cottages and the Educational/Counseling building, which allowed us to fully serve eight girls.  In March 2020, we finished renovating a third cottage to accommodate twelve girls in residential care.   Our long-term goal is to renovate the remaining three cottages and operate at full capacity of 24 girls, but we must increase educational and social spaces to keep pace with the growth of residential spaces.

It's not just about the space. It's about creating an environment for healing, for the next step in these young lives. It's a blueprint for hope...a plan to grow from survivor to thriver.


Three Phases - One Goal

Phase 1 (2018-2020): Purchase Campus and Renovate Three Cottages

This phase was completed in March 2020.


Phase 2 (2020-2022): Increase Educational, Outdoor and Maintenance Spaces for 16 Girls ($500,000)

We must grow all our common spaces as we renovate more cottages so we can best serve the needs of more traumatized young girls.  If we add too many new girls to inadequate spaces we know we’ll move backwards from our goal of being homey and holistic.  Tight quarters create an institutional, triggering environment.

We plan to make the following improvements:

Double our Educational/Counseling Space by renovating the attached two-car (600 sq. ft.) garage of this building into a second large classroom and restroom to accommodate 16 girls in residential care. This garage is currently being used for maintenance and storage.

Build a Maintenance Building (1200 sq. ft.) on the property to store equipment that is currently kept in this garage and create a safe work space for volunteers and contractors to work on-site and away from the residents.

Add Fencing, Security and Outdoor Recreational Space – Fencing around the five-acre property is critical for safety as we grow.  The more girls, the more need for good outdoor space for health and healing (picnic pavilion, fire pit, walking path). This need was magnified during COVID-19 lockdowns when the girls had nowhere to go and only one basketball hoop!

Renovate 4th Cottage - This will allow us to expand to serving a total of 16 girls.


Phase 3 (2022-2024): Increase to 24 Residential Beds & Multi-Purpose Building ($1.8M)

Renovate Cottages 5 and 6 to reach capacity of 24 girls

Build a Multi-Purpose Building that includes10,000 square feet of space with dedicated classrooms, social areas, large kitchen, increased therapy space, free clothing boutique, and a "button boutique" for incentive items.


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