Join us on November 18th for the fourth webisode:

"Going Beyond the Façade:  Identifying Victims of DMST



TIME:  11:00 AM
DATE:  11/18/2020 
In 2019, the University of Cincinnati identified 4,209 youth in Ohio at risk as victims of domestic minor sex trafficking. This staggering number affects every area of the state - and they are admittedly conservative.

In their conclusion, they underscore the absolute importance of agencies improving in their ability to identify and respond to victims so we can maximize their response.

This NO CHILD FOR SALE Series webinar, sponsored by Gracehaven, in partnership with the Ohio Nurses Association, seeks to arm YOU with more information about how to identify and respond more effectively to cases of domestic minor sex trafficking.

Our keynote presenter, Ruth Downing, a Family Nurse Practitioner, licensed Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, and Director of Project Development at the Forensic Nursing Network will be guiding us with some of her key experience in how to recognize victims of domestic minor sex trafficking.

We will also be hearing from a stellar group of panelists bringing their experience to bear, including Dr. Jennifer Tscoll of Nationwide Children's, Jennifer Taber of Gracehaven, and Candace Miller, RN and co-founder of Local Outreach Volunteers.

Our goal is to answer questions like the following, and provide resources for follow-up:
- What are signs and symptoms we can be looking for... beyond just the physical
- What are some of the tools we can use, and questions we should be asking?
- What are some stories of success in using tools?
- What is a good response protocol once we suspect an individual of being trafficked?

Come and join us! 


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