Practical and Impactful

Gift Cards

“How Can We Help the Teens?”

We hear this question often. One very important way is to donate gift cards. These are very helpful in our work and actually have a variety of uses.

Sometimes teens have specific needs like a bed sheet, diapers or work shoes. If we don’t have donations of these items we can purchase them with a gift card.

The cards are also a great incentive. If a youth follows rules of the group home or graduates from probation we give them a small gift card which is very exciting for them. So you could potentially be donating a “Happy Birthday” or a “Congratulations, you finished the tenth grade” gift.

We’ve found these to be the best gift cards for our needs: Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chick Fil A, Five Below, Kroger, Meijer’s, Target, Walmart, and Columbus Metro Parks (to pay for recreational classes for the girls).

Would you like to provide gift cards for the girls and boys we serve together?

  • Please email us at to learn more or to arrange transfer.
  • Mail them here: Gracehaven, P.O. Box 82102 Columbus, OH 43202.

Showing Love in Tangible Ways

“Judy” had successfully completed the goals that she had set with her Gracehaven case manager, so it was their last time to meet together. She’d also just come home from the hospital with her first baby. Her case manager watched this young lady prepare for months to become a mother, and had listened to her worry about not having all that she needed. She lived with other family members in a very small space. Using gift cards that had been donated to Gracehaven, her case manager shopped at Target for items she needed: a breast pump, a nursing pillow and a diaper bag. She was also able to bring dinner. The look of joy on her client’s face spoke volumes. We’re thankful to help this young lady and her new son in such a tangible way.

"He Had Never Been Shopping"