Our Team

Dedicated to the Mission

For General Inquiries: 614-665-0665 or info@gracehaven.me

Our Staff

Executive Director
Scott Arnold, sarnold@coyfc.org


Program Director
Jen Taber, jtaber@gracehaven.me


Director of Residential Services
Micayla Wilson, mwilson@gracehaven.me


Director of Community Engagement and Training
Elisha McNeal, emcneal@gracehaven.me


Comprehensive Case Manager, Supervisor
Carrie Rapp, crapp@gracehaven.me


Comprehensive Case Manager, Supervisor, Northern Ohio
Hannah Swift, hswift@gracehaven.me


Comprehensive Case Manager
Hannah Dear, hdear@gracehaven.me


Comprehensive Case Manager, Network Advocate
Iris DeLawrence, idelawrence@gracehaven.me


Comprehensive Case Manager, Toledo
Rosario Sanchez, rsanchez@gracehaven.me


Comprehensive Case Manager
Mary Viers, mviers@gracehaven.me


Community Case Manager
Madison Ross, mross@gracehaven.me


Catherine Myers, cmyers@gracehaven.me


Administrative Assistant
Molly McDonald, mmcdonald@gracehaven.me


Susan Smithhisler, ssmithhisler@gracehaven.me


House Manager
Adree Ana Ley, aley@gracehaven.me