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Over the Edge to Fight Child Sex Trafficking is Gracehaven's annual event to raise funds and awareness for the trafficking and exploitation of minors. Individuals raise a minimum of $1,250 to rappel 26 stories down The Chase Tower in downtown Columbus. More than 1,100 youth are victims of sex-trafficking in Ohio every year. Gracehaven directly serves about 120 individuals and more than 4,000 minors and adults through prevention education. Help us bring hope and healing as we move these young people from survivor to thriver. Over the Edge 2025 will be held on June 13. For more information, contact Kate Sullivan at

Reporter Goes Over the Edge

ABC 6 reporter Rodney Dunigan went Over the Edge and filed this heart-stopping report.

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Over the Edge only happens through a team of committed volunteers giving of their time to make the day a success! Maybe you can come by yourself. Or maybe you have a group of friends or family who want to contribute. We'd love to talk with you! Contact Over the Edge Event Coordinator Kate Sullivan at

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“I am repelling to not only raise money for the strong survivors of sex trafficking, but to also highlight the need for resources and education surrounding this issue. I want to show people how unfortunately common this is in our community.”

"If rappelling off of a skyscraper is what it takes to get people's attention to ask questions and educate themselves in order to help prevent other children from becoming victims, or to help a child no longer suffer in silence, then count me in all day everyday!"

"My WHY for rappelling is simply that human trafficking is an issue that people don't see as 'close to home,' when in reality it takes place everywhere. Anything I can do to bring awareness to this I'm always game for, even if it means going over the edge of a building."

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