Community Case Management

Our deep-seated, heartfelt conviction is that no child should be bought or sold! 

We provide an in-depth, trauma-informed approach to case management that is holistic, collaborative, and evidenced-informed. We seek to provide life-giving hope for youth who have experienced sexual exploitation or are at risk of exposure, and introduce them to the stabilizing force of unconditional love that fosters sustainable change and independence. 

Our Community Case Management team serves youth ages 11- 19 who have survived the realities of sex-trafficking, are actively being exploited, or are at risk of victimization. Our services are based on a comprehensive, trauma-informed care model. This personalized process is tailored to meet the complex needs of the most vulnerable youth in our community, young people who have been taken advantage of, coerced, and forced into exploitation. 

Community Case Managers are victim advocates who embrace, equip, and empower survivors to become thriving leaders by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to stand firm in the face of vulnerability. These skills include the following:

Reestablishing the ability to trust
Promoting self-worth and developing a positive self-image
Fostering healthy physical, emotional, and sexual boundaries
Identifying grooming techniques
Developing independent living skills
Internet safety and being able to recognize a potential trafficker online
Structured problem solving 
Seeking and securing provisions for basic needs
Job readiness skills 
Crisis Management: the ability to deal with emergencies 
The tools to know how and where to seek help when needed


Gracehaven provides community case management in the following areas of the state:





Do you have someone who could benefit from Community Case Management? Contact us at [email protected] and we'll get in touch with you. Or fill out our COMMUNITY CASE MANAGEMENT REFERRAL FORM.