Prevention Education and Awareness



"Stephanie, the session you led for my class last spring was the most powerful, thought-provoking, and influential that I have seen while I have been at Ohio State.  I would love it if you would come back this fall and lead a session for my new class." (Professor at The Ohio State University)


"Ms. Rollins has presented to my high school seniors about the warning signs and risk factors of human trafficking. The response from students is pure awe. With the knowledge and genuine compassion that Ms. Rollins exudes to students, several have approached her after her presentation asking her opinion of the toxicity of their own relationships, risk factors, and how they can get help and support." (High School Teacher)


Teenagers who are at most risk for domestic minor sex trafficking often have no concept of its reality. Their peers are often unaware of the risk to the teens around them. In order to bridge this gap, we provide strategic presentations in schools and other venues such as churches and community groups to raise young people's awareness of the threat of sex trafficking. This training provides them with specific tools to recognize threats and vulnerabilities to which they and their peers may be exposed, as well as practical ways to protect themselves from victimization and establish healthy boundaries in relationships.

Since 2011, Gracehaven has given this essential awareness training to several thousand Central Ohio senior high and middle school youth each year including students in Columbus, Dublin, Upper Arlington, and Delaware County. Graceahven's Educational Coordinator is Stephanie Rollins. 

In addition, Gracehaven provides regular preventative education training  directly to homeless or runaway youth who are served by organizations such the Huckleberry House Crisis Shelter and the OSU Star House. This outreach has proven critical for these youth who are at significantly higher risk for trafficking because they are on the streets.


To schedule Gracehaven's Prevention Education program for your school or organization, call 614-665-0665, or email [email protected].


Gracehaven has a webinar series called No Child For Sale to End Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. This four-part series explores the various aspects of child sex trafficking and how we can actively help to prevent it. CLICK HERE to watch these informative and impactful webisodes.