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Gracehaven’s therapeutic group home serves as a safe house and provides specialized, trauma-informed care for female victims of domestic minor sex trafficking.  This small and specialized group home facility serves female minors ages 12-17.  Our services are trauma-informed and trafficking-specific, providing placement agencies with a highly qualified and structured team approach to recovery and rehabilitation.  We accept adjudicated and non-adjudicated juveniles.

Gracehaven is committed to providing Ohio with cutting edge, gender specific, professional and competent behavioral and educational services for female adolescents.  This is facilitated through a committed staff who promote behavioral, spiritual, mental and interpersonal growth in a safe, trauma-informed program for victims of sex trafficking.  Youth are provided a 6-12 month safe living environment in a group home setting, and given individualized treatment planning that includes violence and exploitation recovery and prevention.

Gracehaven’s licensed clinical staff provide mental health counseling services with a focus on trauma-sensitive and trauma-specific interventions that are based upon the current evidence-based practices.  Gracehaven stays up to date with current research regarding trauma and its impact on brain development, and the emotional and behavioral responses of sex trafficked youth in order to provide a strengths-based, trauma-informed, clinically-competent therapy program.  Therapists utilize Structured Sensory Interventions, Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, eye movement desensitization recovery therapy (EMDR) and strengths/needs based practices.  Individual therapy will occur at a minimum of once per week, and group therapies will occur daily.

Other services will include, but are not limited to:
• Life Skills Groups and Assessments
• Physical Activity
• On-Site Educational Services

• Weekly Field Trips for cultural enhancement and education
• Management of all conditions of probation/parole

In addition to these core components, the program will also provide basic physical care, including clothing, transportation, food, shelter and typical group home care services.  Gracehaven staff will also coordinate, oversee and follow up with needed medical care services for youth, including routine and emergency medical care.

The home is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff includes a Residential Program Coordinator, licensed clinical professionals and resident assistants.  Gracehaven strives to provide well-supervised youth with resident assistant staff ratios of two staff for eight youth residents per shift every day. 

With an innovative approach to treatment, residents will learn appropriate self-regulation and behavior management techniques that will lower the risk of re offense. Probation Officers, Caseworkers and Parents are encouraged to be active members of the treatment team to ensure that each child gets the most out of the therapeutic environment.

Gracehaven’s innovative approach to treatment will include treatment team participation, which includes the youth, probation officers, caseworkers and parents and Gracehaven’s clinical staff.  Gracehaven has the facility and treatment capacity to serve ambulatory youth who are ages 12-17, with an IQ of 60 or above, who have suffered trauma due to sexual exploitation and/or trafficking. Geographic preference is given first to residents of central Ohio, next to Ohio residents, and finally to residents of the United States. 

Potential characteristics and behaviors of youth applicants can include any of the following:

• Ambulatory females ages 12-17 years of age who have suffered trauma due to sexual exploitation and/or trafficking;
• History of criminal justice involvement and prostitution;
• Severe behavioral and psychological problems. These problems may have resulted from neglect, sexual victimization, multiple separations, and environmental and/or genetic factors.
• Physically aggressive (spontaneously assaults other children and adults inflicting minor injuries such as bruises and cuts using their hands and feet).
• Stealing/shoplifting in the community.
• Self-abusive and/or self-injurious.
• Use of profane and vulgar language.
• Lose control, resulting in explosive outbursts where objects are thrown, broken, or torn.
• Suicidal ideations, superficial gestures, and/or preoccupation with death.
• Multiple short-term suspensions from school within a single grading period.
• Prescribed psychotropic medications.
• Little or no regard for others and/or property
• History of truancy from school.
• History of running away from home and/or violates curfew sporadically.
• Involved in experimentation with drugs, alcohol, and/or other substances as diagnosed by a professional.
• History of delinquent activity such as vandalism, shoplifting, and/or intoxication.
• Sexually promiscuous and aggressive.

Gracehaven’s residential program is a therapeutic group home with the primary goal being to provide specialized sex trafficking trauma recovery services in a safe environment through three phases of treatment.

The first treatment phase includes safety and stabilization, which addresses crises, lethality, medications and a time of adjusting to the new environment.   Weekly individual and therapy groups will include content as follows:

• Unmasking Sexual Con Games & Healthy Boundaries
• Codependency & Healthy Relationships
• Sexuality, Self Respect and Dating 101
• Seeking Safety

Phase two of treatment focuses on residents’ personal growth by providing psycho-education on trafficking, trauma, triggers and PTSD, as well as coping skills, self awareness and self regulation.  Weekly individual and therapy groups will include content as follows:

• Teen Conflict
• Don't Let Your Emotions Control You
• Self-Esteem and Body Image

Phase three is the reconnection phase of recovery.  During this phase of treatment, the resident is prepared for life outside of residential care, with discharge planning to include housing plans, school plans, financial plans, signing up for benefits, job preparation, as well as helping the resident have a plan in place to handle temptations and stressors outside the safety and support of the program.  It will include a focus on growing a support network outside of residential care.  Weekly individual and therapy groups will include content as follows:

• Life Skills
• Social Services and Community Support Networks
• Brain Wise / Aggression / Self-Regulation

Each phase of treatment will allow for an environment in which youth may enjoy the freedom of thought, conscience and religion.  Youth may exercise religious expression to the extent that these activities do not interfere with the Gracehaven program, or the rights of other youth.

If you know a youth who is in need of our services and you are ready to discuss a referral, or if you are interested in potentially contracting with Gracehaven as a network provider, please contact us at [email protected], or 614.665.0665 Option 2.

Please feel free to complete Gracehaven's Pre-Placement Application and email it to [email protected] for placement consideration.


If you have any questions or concerns about the therapeutic group home, please contact us at [email protected] or 614-665.0665.