If you want to work with the girls directly, or take a more behind-the-scenes role, we have a place for you!



Direct Ministry


As a mentor you would meet weekly or bi-weekly with your mentee. This mentee could be a resident from the group home, a client from our comprehensive case management program, or a 18+ young woman who has graduated from our program and is now involved in a thriver empowerment support group. 


House Mom:

As a house mom, you would come to the group home every week, or every other week, and be extra hands for the staff. Help build relationships with the girls, provide activities, entertainment for the evening. Help out with dinner, and teach the girls life skills in a loving motherly way. Stay engaged with the residents, be helpful to the staff, and have fun! This is a consistent commitment. 



As a tutor you would come to the group home one day a week and be available to help residents with their schooling. Have a subject you excel in? Let us know! We could schedule you to come to the house, or do a zoom tutor session. 


Facilitate a Group:

If you are an expert in something, like yoga, creative writing, music, etc. you could potentially see if we have room in our schedule where you could come teach a class to our residents every week. This must be a consistent commitment. 


Alumni Group Volunteer:

As an alumni volunteer you would assist with planning any activites we host for the support group. You could also join in our support groups and offer guidance, encouragement, and unconditional positive regard. 


Behind the Scenes


As an ambassador you would represent Gracehaven in the public. This opportunity consists of helping facilitate Community Prevention, Intervention Education as well as Awareness events in the schools for minors, as well as adults, and anyone who wants to learn more about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and Gracehaven. 


House Support:

As a House Support you would come to the house but would have little interaction with the residents. You would help out with tasks like cleaning, organizing, running errands, helping with groceries, and any other skills you may have i.e. gardening, car maintenance etc. 


Virtual Tutor:

A virtual tutor wouldn't have a set schedule, but we would schedule as needed. You would meet the student and staff virtually to help with online learning.  


Organize Donations:

If you find cleaning and organizing relaxing, you could come to our Tree of Life office, or our campus and help clean and sort through donations. 



We have two fundraising  events throughout the year and an event for our partners. We could always use help on our committees and planning, as well as help with administration. 


Maintenance/ Landscaping: 

If you'd like to help us with facilities and maintenance projects, we have several sites that could use your help. 


Group Service Projects:

If you have a group who would like to do a project for Gracehaven i.e. plant flowers, paint, rake leaves, build a swingset etc. we would be honored to work with you and find a project. 


Contact Barb Price at [email protected] for more information or to begin your Gracehaven volunteer experience.